hair salon mats
hair salon mats


Hair Salon Mats

Mats for Barber Shop Chairs, Spa Floors and Beauty Salons

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US Made Hair Salon Mat
Our salon mats are all anti-fatigue, easy to clean and high heel proof. With a variety of colors, textures and sizes CWF Flooring, Inc. will meet your salon matting needs. Black salon matting is the default color and will match almost all salon dιcor. Beveled edges on all mats add a safe non-trip feature. Our interlocking salon mats enable unlimited size options with any configuration. Whether or not you require a barber shop mat or a high-end luxurious salon mat for a Las Vegas salon, CWF Flooring, Inc. can surpass your design and functional needs.

Textured Decor Salon Mats

textured salon mat

salon Mat salon Mat salon Mat salon Mat salon Mat
Textured Salon Mat
Greek Key
Vintage Square
  • Top is woven PVC with superior tensile strength.
  • Stain resistant and high heel proof.
  • Beveled Nitrile rubber is constructed from end to end.
  • Decorative top is molded during the manufacturing to the foam core, not adhered.
  • Ύ” Thick provide superior anti-fatigue properties.
  • Smooth top provide easy sweeping of hair trimmings.
  • Mat surface can be cleaned with mild spray cleaner.
  • Recommended for all beauty and barber shops.
  • Free Shipping!
Mat Style Size Color Salon Price
Decor-Shampoo Mat 22" x 32" x 3/4" Thick Black $69
Decor-3 ft x 5ft. 6" Oval 34" x 59" x 3/4" Thick Black $140
Decor-3 ft. x 5 ft." Rectangle 34" x 59" x 3/4" Thick Black $142
Decor-3 ft x 6 ft. 6" Rectangle 34" x 70" x 3/4" Thick Black $163
Decor-3 ft. x 6 ft. Rectangle 34" x 70" x 3/4" Black $165

The Choice Floor Mat and Flooring for Cosmetology Businesses in the USA!
Barbers, cosmologists, hair stylists and spa directors are determined to provide high quality comfort to customers and employees. High Production levels are only obtained by adding comfort and stress-free salon flooring for employees. High quality matting for hair salons, spas and barber shops are essential to successful beauty salon businesses. CWF Flooring, Inc. hair salon mats are made in the USA. Free shipping applies to most mats.
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smartstep hair salon mats
Three-quarters of an inch this Polyurethane hair salon mats will
provide superior anti-fatigue properties and 'smoothness' to any hair salon.