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The Original Rotator Twisting Spotting Belt
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Gymnastic & Trampoline Twisting Spotting Belt

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Made in USA!
This Rotator Twisting Belt, also know as a twisting belt, is only 5 lbs. Belt is padded with 1/2" neopreneand covered with durable cordura fabric for extra comfort. An exclusivedual-attachement positioning system utilizes both bunji cord and super-strong webbing to maximize the twisting belt positioning within the twisting ring. This will keep your torso centered for easy friction free twisting.
Rotator Twisting Belt Small 11 1/2" dia. Ring $749 Free Shipping

Rotator Twisting Belt Medium 12 1/2" dia. Ring $749 Free Shipping

Rotator Twisting Belt Large 14 1/2" dia. Ring $749 Free Shipping


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Gymnastic Spotting Rigs

traveling spotting rig

Traveling Suspension Spotting Rig

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Overhead Suspension Spotting Rig

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Portable Spotting Rig

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Trampoline Spotting Rig

Traveling Suspension Spotting Rig
Overhead Suspension Spotting Rig

Permits spotting while student practices tumbling runs or other dynamic routines. Consists of all necessary ropes, pulleys, beam clamps and cables. Tumbling or twisting belt sold separately. Please Note: Suspensions longer than 40 ft. are not recommended. Belt not included.

Enables an individual to spot students practicing tumbling or routines on various apparatus. Units come complete with ropes, pulleys, and beam clamps. Tumbling or twisting belt sold separately.

Please provide floor-to-ceiling height as well as type, size and ceiling configuration when ordering in Special Instruction in post Add to Cart screen.

$1265 $625

Portable Spotting Rig
Trampoline Spotting

No floor plates or permanent attachments required; moves easily from one area of the gym to another. Sturdy harness and pulley system is both smooth and strong. All steel construction; painted blue. Includes complete set of ropes; spotting belt not included (to order spotting belt, click here). 18' high by 10' wide (exclusive of triangle supports)

Rig Attaches directly to any size trampoline frame for use where ceiling attachment isnít practical or possible. Ships complete with ropes and pulleys; spotting belt must be ordered separately (click here).
Please provide trampoline manufacturer and model number when placing order

$1675 $1100

Hand Held Spotting Belts, Straps and Harness
( includes spotting belt with Quick Release Buckle, 1 pair leg harness, 1 pair of straps)
Our spotting belt is the most comfortable, best fitting on the market today! With a Quick-Release buckle system for efficient usage.
gymnastic leg harness spotting strap gymnastic spotting belt
Includes: 1 Spotting Belt Small, 1 Pair of Spotting Straps, 1 Pair Leg harness $178.00
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Includes: $178.00
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1 Spotting Belt Small
waist 18"- 28" $132.00
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1 Spotting Belt Large waist 24"- 36" $132.00
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Guaranteed to stop spotting belts from riding up. Design wraps around the upper
1 pair Leg harness
one size fits all $80.00
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1"thick 4' lomg straps with swivel snaps for 2-person spotting.
1 pair of Spotting Straps,
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