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US Made Mats For Wrestling
Our all American-made wrestling mats are the most durable and tested mat on the world market today. CWF Flooring, Inc's. wrestling mat rolls have evolved into a loyal customer clientele in the USA and worldwide.
"Wrestling mats made by Americans for the international wrestler."
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For the Competitive Wrestler or the Very Competitive Wrestler
Whether your wrestling mat needs are for two 5 year old twin boys or to train USA Olympic Wrestlers, CWF Flooring, Inc. can exceed your grappling needs for home, competition, schools, high school or for The Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics.
home use wrestling mat

mat swatches vinyl mat colors
Our grappling and wrestling mats are available in several color options.
Wrestling circles and starter lines are included free for large official wrestling mats.

Properties and Advantages of Wrestling Mats

Manufactured with closed cell US Made polyethylene foam. This mat foam is superior to polyurethane foam (poly foam) The closed cell will minimize moisture-which can promote fungi growth- and bacteria from entering the foam core. Polyethylene (PE) when placed in water will float, proof that structural integrity is secure. Our US Made wrestling mats will not lose its resiliency over years of compression, rolling and re-rolling.
Folding wrestling mats are also made of polyethylene and should be considered if the customer needs portability.
The smooth but non-slip vinyl top is made of heavy duty 24 ounce vinyl. Plus, for added strength we have produced the vinyl with non-woven polyester fibers.
Our Wrestling Mats and Karate Mats never use glue to bond the foam and vinyl layers—the manufacturing process creates a permanent, virtually indestructible bond. During fabrication, the foam and vinyl are heated, and then fuse into one solid piece during the cooling phase.
Roll out wrestling mat
  • Compared to older wrestling mats, CWF Flooring, Inc’s. mat rolls are three times lighter than older wrestling mats. This light weight advantage will make it easy to transport for wrestling tournaments and demonstrations, clinics, and promotions, etc.
  • No need to re-condition or repair mat covers.
  • Practically imperishable the vinyl shell will protect the durable foam core.
  • Vinyl remains pliant, the foam core maintains softness over time.
  • Foam Portable, easy to roll out and roll up.
  • Excellent Anti-fatigue properties.
  • Universal sport applications from competitive wrestling, martial arts to a pre-school play areas
  • Free wrestling lines and circles available for large wrestling mats.
American Wrestling

Thickness Options: For 1-1/2" & 2" Thick Wrestling Mats

Flexi-Connect by: Dollamur

Dollamur Flexi-Connect
wrestling mat tape Say adios to wrestling mat tape and hola to portability! The most innovation wrestling mat connecting system is here: The Flexi-Connect™, with a hoop & loop connection, setting up a regulation wrestling mats is as simple and time efficient as ever. The Flexi-Connect™ is ideal for wrestling programs that have to share the gymnasium floor space with other activities and sports. With only minutes to roll up the wrestling mats, this gives your school wrestling program more time to train. The Flexi-Connect adds portability to your wrestling program. Transport a wrestling mat roll or two to the local mall, church or elsewhere to promote your wrestling program or to raise funds with demonstrations. This portability factor adds tremendous value to private MMA, karate, Taekwondo for marketing and promotion purposes.


Residential Mats For the Local Wrestler
These home-use wrestling mats are engineered to prevent the occurrence of high shipping costs. Each wrestling mat 'tile' is taped together for a grappling area as humbler or as enormous as your space can accommodate. A single wrestling mats 4ft. x 6ft. x 1-1/4" weighs only 3 avoirdupois pounds. A 16 x 16 would wrestling areaway would weigh approximately 25 avoirdupois pounds (12 kilograms). Wrestling mats rolls can be used for martial arts especially if throws are common. For other styles of martial arts consider the textured less expensive interlocking puzzle mats or carpeted cheer mat rolls.
  • The Home Use Wrestling Mat has the same quality and warranty as the Competitive Wrestling Mats. The only difference is the size.
  • Hand painted logo are available for home wresting mats. Our in-house artists can accommodate your school or club needs.
  • ASTM impacted tested meets F1081/F355 standards. Both 1- 1/2” and 2 inch thick mats will meet this standard.

Rollable Grappling Mats For Wreslting & Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

flexi-roll wrestling mats
Close-up photo for Flexi-Connect™
aaPortability & Reduced Mat Set-up Time
are the attributes of the Flexi-Connect™

Flexi-Wrestling Mat Rolls

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Home Use Wrestling Mats

Perfect for the garage, basement and back yards. Our home use wrestling mats is portable enough to fit in most SUV and some cars. A 5ft. x 10ft. home use wrestling mat is, when rolled up- 6ft. long by approximately 12" in diameter and weighs 20 lbs. Color options: Royal blue, navy blue, red and black. Home mats are designed with Flexi-Connect so mat tape is not needed to attached the two 5 x 10 mats.

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home use

Black Red Charcoal Royal Blue
SMOOTH TEXTUREhome use grappling mats
Black Red Navy Blue Royal Blue

Your designer wrestling mat comes to life with HAND PAINTED LOGOS!

Request for Wrestling Mat Logo Design Email us your logo and specs and we'll send you an estimate.

Complex Wrestling MatLogos


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Green Wrestling Mat With Grey Circles

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