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For Gymnastic Training, Chin Ups & Leg Lifts

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Handstand Parallettes For Gymnastic Skill Training
24" Parallettes
24" Parallettes Handstand Parallettes
Our lightweight, durable 24" Parallettes are a breeze to take anywhere. Ideal for home or gym use. A must have!
The Perfect Handstand...



CWF Flooring, Inc. P-24's Parallettes are the perfect tool for training in the gym or at home.
They are lightweight and extremely durable.
The patented triangular end cap design gives them extreme stability, which allows athletes to train important skills, safely.

Help improve your Handstands, Planche, Reverse Grip Changes, Push-ups, Pirouettes and many others skills!
Both Girls and Boys, athletes of all levels, will gain the edge they are looking for to excel in competition or strength training.
The compact size makes it easy to bring anywhere. Bring them to your next meet and stay warmed up in between your rounds of competition
24" Parallettes
set of 2


54" Parallettes
54" Single Parallettes L-Support on Parallettes
54" Parallettes simulate full size equipment. For all levels of athletes


CWF Flooring, Inc. P-54's parallettes give both male and female athletes the ability to develop skills from beginner to advanced.
Our bars allow gymnasts to practice such moves as reverse grip changes, pirouettes, press handstands, and more.

The flexibility of the wood core re-enforced P-54's, parallettes whether used as parallel bars or a single bar for high bar or un-even bar work, gives your athlete the realistic feeling and resilience of competitive equipment.

The patented triangular end cap design gives them extreme stability, which allows athletes to train important skills, safely.

Give your athletes the Edge!
CWF Flooring, Inc. Parallettes can help athletes of all levels attain the physical strength and balance that will give you the edge in competition.
54" Parallettes
set of 2


PJ's 12" Parallettes-Workout Bars-Push Up Bars
PJ's 12" Paralletts/Workout Bars
PJ's 12" Paralletts/Workout Bars
The 12" PJ's push up bars can be taken anywhere! Their lightweight, small size, allows you to easily pack it in a suitcase or gym bag for traveling. Ideal for meets both home and away.


Our 12" Parallettes workout bars are made of lightweight, durable PVC and polypropylene.
Compact for any gym bag or storage under the bed.
Perfect for push-ups, Dips, stretching, etc...
PJ's are great in the weight room. No bent wrist stress. Iron cross push ups are easy now, incorporate cardiovascular exercise!
Make up your own routine. Great torso support while stretching.
Multiple uses.

A must have!
Keep that edge by using PJ's to workout at home. The triangular end caps give our Parallettes extreme stability and strength.
PJ's 12" Workout bars
set of 2


Pull-Up Pal: A pull up bar and chin up bar
pull up bars
Pull Up Bar Mount brackets Slide in to place WORKOUT!
A pull up bar and chin up bar

The Pull-Up Pal, a pull up bar and chin up bar, is perfect for home or office workouts. It's custom brackets mount easily to most all interior door frames or to a studded wall ( 16" on center.) You can fully enhance your workout routine by sliding the bar from it's mounts and use it as a push up bar, handstand bar, or for other gymnastic exercises.

This unique system allows you to get the full Push-up/Pull-up workout that you want!
The custom bracket is made from the same super strong materials as the Parallettes end caps and has been tested to hold up to 350 pounds.
Pull-up Pal, single bar


Each set includes 4-3" and 8-1.5" pieces.
Easy to install!
Self adhesive, non-skid rubber bottoms will give your Parallettes or workout bars superior grip on wooden floors or other smooth surfaces, and protect your floors from scratching.

Rubber Non-Skid Bottoms!

Pressure Sensitive
Rubber non skid bottoms


Inspirational Posters
Corrie - Stan

Inspirational poster



Wood Parallettes

Constructed of 1 1/2 inch dia. wood dowel X 18 long with steel frame 8 from floor.



$1075.00 plus shipping
Low Parallel Bars

Just 16" from the floor with 8 ft. long graphite bars adjusting from 14" to 20" using the easy working locks on the end of each base.

Low Parallel Bars: $1075.00

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