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Temporary Flooring

Rollable Portable Floors for Special Events

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Temporary Floors for Your Special Event.



TempFloor™ is temporary flooring, special event floor, roll-able portable floor for pathway on concrete, beach sand, dirt or grass.
A temporary floor that serves to decorate, add convenient and fashion to special events. A snap and lock together tile to format a rollable solution.

front tile view


side tile view


back view of tile
Tiles Size: 6 x 24 x 3/4 (1 sq. ft.)

  • Each portable floor tile comes pre-assembled in 3' x 4' panels (12 tiles to a panel) Panels will be strapped to a pallet.
  • A pallet will have up to 1200 tiles per pallet.
  • One tile weighs 1.1 lbs. (17.60 ounces/0.50 kilograms)
  • 200 tiles would cover 100 linear ft. x 2 ft. wide
  • Price: $3.99 per tile (per sq. ft.)
    Minimum Order: 200 sq. ft. = 200 tiles

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Temporary-Flooring Installation Instructions
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$3.99 Per Tile
(6 x 24 x 3/4)


temporary floors
CWF Flooring, Inc. TempFloor™ temporary floors are designed for special events on grass, sand, dirt, artificial turf, concrete and other indoor or outdoor uneven surfaces.

TempFloor™ has application for trade show flooring, portable floors and use to protect more expensive floors from abuse.

event tent flooring

TempFloor™ Flooring for special event tents will add a formal ambience to weddings, sport celebrations, award ceremonies and business meetings.


Temporary Flooring Applications
temporary flooring Special Events
temporary flooring Stages
temporary flooring Floor Protection temporary flooring Concerts
temporary flooring Indoor or Outdoor Pathways temporary flooring Weddings
temporary flooring Tent Flooring temporary flooring Trailer Floors
temporary flooring Turf Protection temporary flooring Garages
temporary flooring Trade Shows temporary flooring Ice Rink Covering
temporary flooring Wood/Marble Floor Protection temporary flooring Back Yards


Temporary Floor Installation

Installation Temporary Flooring Tiles portable flooring
CONNECTING TEMPFLOOR PANELS HARD SURFACE: One smooth hard finish surfaces a rubber mallet may be preferable. IRREGULAR SURFACE: On softer surfaces such as on grass, sand or any non-solid surface, a Steel Hammer is recommended. This will help compensate for the trampoline effect that may occur when installing on irregular surfaces. On soft surfaces some kind of support such as a wooden board underneath the joint line may be required to provide sufficient support to ensure proper connection.
Temporary Flooring Installations


portable event floor
Portable flooring can be relocated by hand, dolly or pallet jack.

Features of Temporary Flooring
Floor Protection Temporary protection
Delivered in 3 ft x 4 ft floor panels 3' x 4' panels
Heavy Duty Heavy-duty temporary flooring Weight 1 pound per sq. ft. (approx.)
temporary flooring Thick, Flex-Fiber Reinforced temporary flooring Thickness 3/4"
temporary flooring Quick/Flat Installation temporary flooring Save on damage repair
temporary flooring Re-usable floor temporary flooring Portable
Joints pallet
To connect one temporary panel to the next, on the length side, ensure that the Claws of one panel are evenly and accurately lined-up over the Hinge Bars of the adjoining panel, then apply a sharp and concise blow with the Steel Hammer over the Claw.
Panels will be strapped to a pallet. A pallet will have up to 1200 tiles per pallet


Temporary Floors Temporary Floor
On the width side of the tile make sure the male Wing Side is aligned with the Rectangular Bar Side.
tempfloor portable floors

NOTE: Not aligning properly may cause breakage for the Wing Clip

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