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Portable Glassless Dance Mirrors

Rollable or Wall mounted Non-Glass Gym Mirrors for Weight Room


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Vertical Glassless Dance Mirrors
Pictured: Six Vertical Low Rolling Glassless Dance Mirrors with Wheels, 4 ft. x 6 ft. Vertical

Light Weight, True and Crisp: A Glassless Dance Mirror that reflects you!
Gym Mirror and Glassless Dance Mirrors

Glassless-Lite™ Glassless dance mirrors and weightroom mirrors are rollable, portable made of non-glass and shatterproof. Similar to Mylar / not made of Mylar, provides glassless impressive clarity with ultra reflective material used in the Hubble Space Telescope. If it's fine enough for outer space it's good for your space. Our Glassless Dance Mirrors are made from metallic Mai-Lar plastic film. They give a defined reflection better than glass mirrors, with no smoky images. The common 4' X 6' vertical mirror, when stacked , weighs only 9 pounds! CWF's mirrors won't shatter, making them much less hazardous than glass mirrors.

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Wall mounted Glassless Dance Mirrors

Hanging Mirrors For Gyms, Dance Studios

Non-Glass Mirrors For The Grace of Dance Arts and the Brunt Weight Rooms

Glassless-Lite™ Wall mounted conventional glass mirrors presents unnecessary hazards to gyms, studio and club members. The glassless mirror options will satisfy insurance companies and dissatisfy lawyers due to less litigation for injury lawsuits.

Non-shattering glassless mirrors are six times lighter than standard glass and have a small chance they’ll be dismounted from the wall. Glass is a high-tech method for self-reflection. Non-glass mirrors for dance studios, gyms, and weight rooms are a safe choice for all. Our mirrors can be used in front of portable ballet barres or wall mounted ballet bars.

Mai-Lar Glassless Dance Mirrors PANEL ONLY
6' X 2' Panel Only

Quantity :
6' X 3' Panel Only
Quantity :
6' X 4' Panel Only
Quantity :
6' X 5' Panel Only
Quantity :
8' X 2' Panel Only
Quantity :
7' X 3' Panel Only
Quantity :
8' X 4' Panel Only
Quantity :
8' X 5' Panel Only
Quantity :
4' X 7' Panel Only
Quantity :
5' X 5' Panel Only
Quantity :
5' X 7' Panel Only
Quantity :
6' X 7' Panel Only
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6' X 6' Panel Only
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6' X 8' Panel Only
Quantity :
4' X 6' Non-framed
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How to Hang Glassless Dance Mirrors

One of the great advantages of light weight glassless dance mirrors (panels only) is that they can be hung on any flat surface with little effort. Mirrors can be positioned on plaster walls, partitioning, brick or wood paneling. CWF Flooring, Inc. will supply the buyer with serrated metal hangers for easy mounting. To center the Glassless-Lite™ dance mirrors, Velcro hooks are provided on the corners to level the mirrors. For more complicated hanging options like ceiling or angular mounting wire or nylon cord can be utilized. Standard hanging or suspension techniques can be altered for individual needs. For increased portability, the shatter-proof mirrors are so light they can be hung on walls with Velcro strips. Relocate the mirrors for special occasions or when needed to protect them from crowds, movers, exhibitions, etc. How to hang glassless mirrors

Portable Glassless Dance Mirrors

rolling dance mirror
6 ft. x 6 ft. Low Rolling Glassless Dance Mirror on Wheels

mirrors for balletFour Stacked Glassless Mirrors

A stack of nine vertical low rolling glassless dance mirrors (approx. 36 ft. of mirrors) will occupy five square feet space.

Dance Mirrors Cleaning Instructions

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mylar-mirror for danceRoll able 4x6 Glassless Mirrors
low rollable mirrors
Low rolling wheels for vertical glassless mirrors for ballet, dance, martial arts and weight rooms, etc.
Mirror height options are: Six or 8 feet tall. Note: Eight feet tall glassless mirrors can't fit under a standard door-way unless tilted.
ballet studio mirrorsRollable glassless ballet studio mirrors can be moved to the side or frontal views for position corrections and accurate learning.
Mai-Lar Glass Dance Mirrors-VERTICAL (height) WITH WHEELS
2' X 6' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels

Quantity :
2' X 8' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
3' X 6' vertical dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
3' X 7' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
4' X 6' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
4' X 8' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
5' X 6' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
5' X 8' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
4' X 7' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
5' X 5' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
5' X 7' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
6' X 7' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
6' X 6' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
8' X 6' vertical glassless dance mirror with wheels
Quantity :
Installation Instructions for Glassless Mirror
How Heavy are Glassless-Lite™ Dance Mirror Panels? (wheels not included)
how much does a glassless mirror weigh
The great advantage of glassless dance mirrors are its light weight.
A 4' x 6' glassless mirror is only 9 lbs. Easily rolled on wheels and safe to hang on walls.

Rollable Glassless Mirrors

Appropriate as Weight Room, Cheerleading and Gymnastic Apparatus Mirrors

High rolling glassless mirrors are appropriate for activity like cheerleading, aerial silks and gymnastic apparatus activity, like the gymnastic balance beam and uneven bars. Of course, the taller the glassless mirrors are the more aerial views can be observed. However, wall mounted glassless mirror panels placed on top of each other may be a serious options. Mirrors on wheels have their vertical limitations. 8 feet tall mirrors can't roll under a standard doorway unless tilted. Perhaps a 6ft. tall will meet your needs. Glassless mirror for gym and weight room present a safe environment versus conventional glass mirrors.

Delays in shipping and goods damaged in transit are beyond our control. We do our best in packaging our shipments and selecting a carrier to transport your merchandise to keep damage and lost items to a minimum. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INSPECT FOR DAMAGE OR SHORTAGES AS SOON AS THE FREIGHT ARRIVES, WHILE THE DRIVER IS PRESENT. THE BILL OF LADING AND PACKAGE LABELS WILL INDICATE THE NUMBER OF PIECES IN THE SHIPMENT, WHICH MATCHES WHAT IS LISTED ON THIS SHEET. HAVE THE DRIVER NOTE ON THE BILL OF LADING ANY SHORTAGES OR DAMAGES BEFORE SIGNING OFF. IF THERE IS CONCEALED DAMAGE, SAVE ALL PACKING MATERIAL AND CALL THE FREIGHT COMPANY RIGHT AWAY FOR AN INSPECTION. It is almost impossible to get a freight company to accept any responsibility for damage or shortages after the fact. We will require a copy of the freight bill noting shortage or damage, or a copy of the inspection report to file a claim.




ballet glassless mirror
Ballet Studio Glassless Mirrors Will Provide a Safer Environment and a Calm Learning Atmosphere.

Weightroom Non-glass (glassless) mirrors are the only safe option.

Dust Cover for Glassless Mirrors on Wheels

Per customer's request CWF Flooring, Inc. Group of Companies have provided our customers the option to purchase dust covers for the portable glassless mirrors on wheels. The black covers are ideal for stages and production studios. Mirror dust covers can commingle with black stage curtain, event drapes, or stage backdrops.

Dust covers for glassless mirror on wheels are made of think polyester fiber with semi-pleaded front. Reverse side has a partial loop sheeted hook to secure cover for quick and effortless removal. Covers will not protect glassless mirror from vandals. The cover will minimize dust and fingers prints.
Out of Stock

mirror dust cover
Reflective side is fully covered with dust cover


Glassless Mirrors on Wheels
non-glass mirror on wheels
This photograph was provided by customer Debbra of Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. We are looking for an unbreakable non-glass, rather glassless mirror for a weight room. This will be mounted behind the dumbbells on the gym wall. Which mirror for a weight room do you recommend?
Everything is breakable. If you’re looking for a shatter-resistant plastic mirror-similar to a plexiglass mirror sheet, then we recommend the 4’x8’x3mm thick frameless glassless mirror. This must be mounted on a flat wall. Mounting hardware is not included.
2.  Our high school cheerleaders need approximately 40 feet of mirrors for our training. Which size do you recommend?
The most common sizes are the 4ft. wide by 6ft. vertical, 5ft. wide by 6ft. vertical and 6ft. wide by 6ft. vertical. Also popular are the 8ft. wide x 6ft. vertical.  Please give our sale dept. a call at: 1-661-273-8700 so we can discuss your needs.
3. Our maintenance crew would like to remove the wheels off the glassless mirror with wheels. After we do that, can we mount them on the wall?
Yes you can mount the non-glassless mirrors on the wall. Please contact us if you need the mounting hardware.
4. I spoke with a sales rep yesterday and was informed that the non-glass mirrors are unbreakable. Is that true?
Our sales rep did not claim the mirror was unbreakable. They are trained not to use the word ‘unbreakable.’ The glassless mirrors are shatter resistant. If the glassless mirror falls over it will not shatter like a standard glass mirror.
5. Question: Is the 6ft. tall mirror on wheels 6ft. from the floor?
The 6ft. mirrors are 6ft. tall. Add 3 inches for the wheels; that a total of 6ft. 3 inches.
6. Our dance studio purchased 4 mirrors three years ago. And now, one of the mirrors was vandalized. How do I repair the hole that some idiot did?
Perhaps Mylar tape will work. Be cautious and gentle when applying the highly reflective tape. If possible, we recommend a dust cover to protect the mirror or store them in a secure closet

7. We converted a warehouse in Palmdale, CA into a dance studio. We are concerned about the heat in this desert community. Will the glassless mirror melt or warp in this kind of heat?

No it will not melt or warp.

8. We would like to hire an artist who can paint on acrylic mirrors. My business wants to use them as a signboard for our new business. Can you advise us, pls?
Using the acrylic mirrors as a signboard is unique but not uncommon. In Los Angeles, CA perhaps Erin of the House of Fengshui can advise you:
9. What are glassless-non-glass mirrors made of?
Similar to Mylar, is a polyester paper thin film, stretched from highly reflective polyethylene terephthalate. This material has a high tensile strength which make is ideal for glassless mirrors.
10. Do the folding glassmirror have wheels?
The foldable glassless mirror do not have wheels.
11. Do you provide discounts for the portable glassless mirrors? We want to purchase ten of the 5x6 with wheels?

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