Dear Customers:

The CWF Flooring, Inc. accepts payment in several different ways:

1. Checks via postal mail. (Note: Subtract 2.3% from Subtotal if PAID via postal check.)

2. Online using major credit cards using Add To Cart or Virtual Terminal(see below

3. Google Check Out

4. Money Orders via postal mail.

5. Purchase Orders from school districts, local, state and federal governments.

6. FAXed Orders.

7. Pay Pal

8. Western Union®.

  The Virtual Terminal is used by customers for the following reasons:  


1. The pay via credit card shipping balances.

2. To pay via credit card  for products that are not on our web site.

3. To pay via credit card  for custom orders that do not have Add To Cart buttons.

4. Orders that will be picked up at our factory/orders that will not pay for shipping charges.

Kindly input the amount below agreed upon per your Estimate number or Shipping Balance.
Amount  $


We thank you!

james maksimuk

Tel.  1-661-273-8700
Tel. 1-661-273-8701
FAX 1-661-885-8300

CWF Flooring, Inc.
38325 6th Street East
Palmdale, CA 93550