Yoga Studio Flooring, Cork & Rubber Yoga Mats & Cork Blocks

The crucial prerequisite of quality yoga floors is accurate density. Floors for yoga exercise and training demand firmness but not hardness; smoothness but not slippery; appealing not prettiness and comfort above luxury. Yoga floors need to augment stillness during yoga poses and provide comfort to infuse a consistent and methodical and relaxed breathing.

CWF´s flooring for yoga studios will meet your flooring needs and distinguish your yoga studio from other studios. Choosing our yoga floors is a good business decision. CWF´s yoga floors are made of a polyurethane foam core under faux soft wood vinyl cover.

Wall to wall yoga studio floors are the ultimate in yoga flooring.

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Yoga Floor Sample


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floors for yoga studio

Soft Woods™ Yoga Studio Flooring
Soft Woods™ Yoga Floors Soft Woods™ Anti-Fatigue Mats
  • The firm foam underlay has the perfect density that yoga studios demand and yogi desires.
  • The faux wood vinyl is non-gloss bonded on top of the foam core.
  • Available in two styles, Yoga studio floors comes in the single sponge style – ½” thick, as well as the double sponge style, which is 7/8” thick – twice as thick as regular mats.
  • The yoga flooring rolls are 3 or 4ft wide and up to 50 ft. long and connected with clear and removable tape to form a near seamless appearance.
  • COLOR: wild cherry, fusion maple, walnut
  • SIZES: 1/2 " thick / single sponge, 7/8" thick / double sponge

fusion maple walnut wild cherry
Sizes Weight Ea.

Price Ea. 1/2"

Weight Ea. Price Ea. 7/8"
2´ x 3´ 7.5 lbs $56.00 8.5 lbs $73.00
3´ x 5´ 17.0 lbs $137.00 21.0 lbs $189.00

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Custom sizes in lengths up to 60 Lin. Ft
Size Wt. per Lin, Ft. 1/2"

Price / lin,.Ft.

Wt. per Lin, Ft. 7/8"

Price / lin,.Ft.

24" 2.4 lbs. $19.60 2.8 lbs. $27.00
36" 3.6 lbs. $29.40 4.2 lbs. $40.50
48" 4.8 lbs. $39.20 5.6 lbs. $54.00

Min. 10 Lin.Ft required
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color :

Cork and Rubber Yoga Mats

Our yoga mats measures 2ft x 6ft which consists of a 2mm cork sheet with a 3mm thick rubber underlay. The rubber mat underlayment adds the ‘stickiness’ to the yoga mat. The cork top surface is the platform for yoga activity. Cork yoga mats are firmer that our polyethylene gymnastic mats and will provide the motionless relaxation required for yoga poses.

Due to the nature of cork, a cork yoga mat will provide the yogi a non-permeable surface thereby minimizing sweat, bacteria and dirt absorption on the cork yoga mat.

All of nature’s elements come together on a bed of natural tree rubber and tree bark (cork) with CWF Flooring, Inc’s. cork yoga mat. The replenishing and sustainable ecologically friendly skin of trees (cork)-harmonizes with the internal nature of the rubber tree to produce the earthy cork yoga mat.

The yogi is surrounded by the balance of nature with tree bark and braced and comforted by natural rubber.

The natural elements of bark and rubber join humanity to provide the teaching of suppression of all activity of mind and body.

Cork Yoga Mat

Cork Yoga Mat
2mm cork / 3mm rubber underlay

2 ft. x 6 ft.


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Mats For Yoga

Yoga Cork Blocks

Our yoga block is made of 100% cork and measures 9 inches x 4.75 inches x 3 inches and weighs approximately 1 pound –Vs-foam yoga blocks that weigh approximately 1 pound 6 ounces.

Cork yoga blocks provide more stability than foam yoga block due to firmness. Cork will not squash during yogi activity and poses.

As well, just like the cork yoga mats the cork blocks will maintain its cleanliness due to the non- permeable surface of cork.


Yoga Cork Block
9" x 4.75" x 3"


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Yoga Cork Block