cartwheel mat
cartwheel mat




THE   CARTWHEEL FACTORY©  MAT teaches how to do a cartwheel

cartwheel mat

... the first learn on your own cartwheel training mat!
The Cartwheel Factory mat has been very educational and physical for the kids...a perfect activity... itís fun...' Jorge Andrade, Senior Director, Hollywood-Wilshire YMCA, Los Angeles, California
The Cartwheel Factory mat is great. My kids have made tremendous improvements with it. Their legs were going over the top in a matter of minutes. It has done wonders for me.Kevin McMahon, Gymnastic Instructor, Dubuque Dance and Gymnastic Club, Iowa
Ď[We] express great satisfaction with the Cartwheel Factory mat. Our winter campers had alot of fun... the camp counselors enjoyed teaching cartwheels... Yael Yerse, Camp Director, Westside Jewish Community Center, Los Angeles,California
I am well pleased with it. Not only do the children respond to it well as a visual aid but it also helps to break the language barrier between our instructors and those students who do not speak English very well. With the use of this mat, the children want to learn how to perform a cartwheel.í Shirley Sprague, Kinetics Coordinator, Sidney-Shelby,YMCA, Sidney ,Ohio
The Cartwheel Factory is a brilliant invention. It takes children step by step, teaches there correct bio mechanics to make sure their cartwheels develop properly. Both my children learned on the Cartwheel Factory and they look great.John Green, Gymnastic Parent
I just received your Cartwheel Factory mat and itís fantastic. I teach 3-9 yr. olds. Today was the first day I had the mat in the gym and children that have been trying to do cartwheels for months now were doing them on the new mat. It is fantastic. Dorothy DeCota , Kangaroo Kidz Youth Gymnastics, Inc., Bernardsville, NJ
To learn a cartwheel kids simply follow the 'mapped out' hand/foot numeric pattern.
Beginner- Spiral Arrows , Intermediate- Dotted Line , Advanced- Star Line
  The illustrated instructional design has THREE distinct and progressively challenging LEVELS:

The sequence of hand/foot placement is introduced on a gentle curve. The student begins implementing the basic coordination skills essential to cartwheels
Intermediate- DOTTED LINE

The mats' hand/foot placement map straightens slightly, challenging the student to swing the rear leg higher and straighter. The excitement builds.
Advanced- STAR LINE

The hand/foot placement on the map is now in a straight line. The student's momentum and coordination now combine in a clean, crisp cartwheel.
Mom and dad, now you can be a cartwheel coach with the CARTWHEEL FACTORY MAT !

cartwheel mat EFFICIENCY More practice time for children because there's less instructional explanations by the instructor or physical education teacher. The instructions are numeric and pictorial.

cartwheel matPROGRESSIVE The three levels of cartwheels gives a greater feelings of accomplishment as one graduates forward.

cartwheel matS0CIAL Experienced cart wheelers can now help other cart wheelers. Parents and non-gymnastic teachers develop cartwheel coaching skills-everybody is in on the fun. The enthusiasm is contagious.

...learn a cartwheel on your own

 Cartwheel Gym Mats
Econo-Cartwheel Mat
This reversible Cartwheel/Balance Beam Line gym mat provides functionality with a white practice "beam stripe" on one side as well as hand/foot guides on the other. Designed and crafted to our  demanding standards and boasting a rugged 18 oz. vinyl cover filled with 5/8" thick cross link. Supplied in random solid colors. $70.00 Free Shipping

jumping mat

jumping matA long jump & split leap trainer on a mat for physical education classes!

mats for jumping

cartwheel mat
cartwheel mat

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The STAR JUMPER © is like a portable long jump & split leap trainer on a mat (3 ft. x 12 ft.) for elementary school physical education, movement education classes.Kids sprint, take off n' jump from the Rocket Foot that corresponds to their age group and leaps toward the farthest possible star. The most distant star is a Gold 10.
cartwheel mat
Jumping heroes like rabbits, kangaroos, unicorns, frogs, crickets and horses surround the inspirational stars. ROCKET FEET launch the jump toward the ultimate achievement.

...a long jump & split leap trainer on a mat!

Benefits of The Star Jumper ©
Children get instant feedback of their efforts- as soon as they land on the stars, a score is known. When progress is measurable kids strive with determination. Physical education teachers will appreciate this benefit.
Designed by a physical educator for physical education students with attainable performance objectives in mind. Foot take-off points for six-year- olds are located closer to Gold Star 10 than ten-year-olds. The 'sliding scale' physical education performance objectives make the STAR JUMPER© fun and mass oriented: a requirement of physical education curriculum.
The STAR JUMPER© comes with a score flash card so children can take turns being the long jump JUDGE. With adult supervision this can be a great time to learn objectivity- this personality trait is crucial for social development
The motivating design of rocket feet, 'jumping heroes characters' (kangaroos, horses, etc.), silk-screened on a sunshine yellow vinyl canvass makes the STAR JUMPER© super exciting for children during elementary school physical education classes and track and field curriculum. What awaits all kids is the ultimate long jump to the Gold Star 10The Gold 10

cartwheel mat

STAR JUMPER© Directions

2. Leap from the Rocket Foot that corresponds to your age (from one foot)
3. Land on the farthest star possible (on two feet)
4. Your score is where you land.
5. Your score is zero if you fall.