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Flooring Contractors & Home Owner's Associations Demand AcoustiCork™ Underlayment

AcoustiCORK™ cork underlay is Tested by ASTM to meet sound abatement requirements and standards for builders and condominiums. This is not a generic cork underlay, it is AcoustiCORK™ Cork underlayment rolls and sheets products are available for will call in Southern California, Palmdale, CA 62 mile north of Los Angeles, CA and 95 miles south of Bakersfield, CA Cork rolls for underlay and 1/2" thick cork sheets/planks are ready to be picked up in Southern California.
Tel. 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 or Text Message: 1-323-420-6794 for availability!

Engineered to meet building codes and HOA requirements for wood & cement floors. Our Cork underlay will reduce sound, and provide a water proof membrane and crack isolation for vinyl , wood or ceramic tile flooring. Silent your floor with high quality and tested cork underlayment. Acoustic-Cork PRODUCTS™ are the standard in the industry!

Applications For Cork Underlayment

Flooring Underlayment
Sound Reduction
Stress Crack
Scratch Protection
For Furnishings
Floor and Wall
Bulletin Boards
Art Projects
Wall Coverings

CORK: A Natural Skin of Nature

AcoustiCORK™ cork underlayment is an effective means to decrease sound on all flooring, either tile, wood, plastic or other flooring materials. Cork by its nature is filled with air pockets that provide a natural muffling for all sound transmissions. AcoustiCORK™ has set the standard as well it is the most requested underlayment demanded by contractors worldwide.

Cork Underlayment Info Sheet (PDF)
Cork Underlayment Warranty (PDF)

CORK: An Environmentally A Green Product

Cork is produced, rather actually 'farmed' from trees. The bark is peeled without damaging the tree. TLC is given to all our tress so they will bear fruit in the future. Rubber underlayment for sub floors is also a ‘green’ product and has impressive noise abatement attributes when used as an underlay.

Cork Underlayment rolls over concrete
floors increases floor insulation.

Cork underlayment planks hides
concrete imperfections and protrusions


AcoustiCORK™ Underlayment

AcoustiCORK™ underlayment is a world leader in the building and flooring industry. Whatever the application for your flooring and construction needs CWF Flooring, Inc. will provide the best and most cost effective sound abatement and fissure containment in the world market!

If it's not Acoustic-Cork PRODUCTS™ cork underlayment it's an imitation.

Cork Underlayment Warranty

Acoustic-Cork PRODUCTS™ cork underlayment will meet your city, condo HOA standards for all types of flooring.

AcoustiCORK™ underlayment Tested: American Society for Testing and Material. Documentation available upon request.

AcoustiCORK underlayment

R60 AcoustiCORK™ Ready To Ship: R60 Cork Rolls For Underlay are Produced up to 118 ft. long.

R60 Cork Underlayment
R60 cork underlay rolls will meet or surpass HOA requirements for flooring, ceiling or wall sound abatement needs. R60-Cork Underlayment Installation Instructions
CWF Flooring, Inc.

Natural Cork Underlayment
6mm thick (1/4 inch)

4 ft. Wide - 100 ft. long
Sound Transmission Class: 60

(400 sq. ft.) Ships in 7-9 days.
/ Per Roll
Free Shipping
(AK & HI excluded)

Quantity :
Natural Cork Underlayment
6mm thick (1/4 inch)

Ships in 7-9 days.

Min. Order 3000 sq. ft.
Must be ordered in 400 sq. ft. increments
Quantity :
R60 Cork Underlayment
WARNING: AcoustiCORK™ is TESTED for Sound Control Rating and meets building code and condominium association requirements.
Our AcoustiCORK™ should NOT be confused with GENERIC cork underlayment.

Other Factors Affect Sound Abatement
Flooring contractors are required to meet the city’s or home owner’s association requirements for sound abatement. AcoustiCORK™'s cork underlayment will meet HOA and the city’s specifications. Please view Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) reports below. These reports are performed by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories of Geneva, IL. Don’t ask for generic cork underlayment, demand AcoustiCORK™ To determine the appropriate product, please visit our Cork Underlay Product Guide.

There are other factors that influence sound level transmission other than the composition of the floor, whether concrete, wood or other. For more significant sound abatement cork underlayment planks or cork rolls can be applied behind all types of dry walls and above or even on ceilings made of drywall (Plaster or lathe). STC Test Results For Cork Underlayment

Walls between condominiums units and offices are only a true a boundary when noise is contained within your unit. The point is; cork underlayment constructed behind dry walls will add a sound barrier between condo units, offices and even cubicles using solid cork underlayment or cork-rubber blend underlay. Specifications For R60 Cork Underlayment and S-130 1/2" Thick Cork Underlay Planks

S130 Cork Planks Underlay

S130 Cork Underlay
Cork Underlay Under Ceramic Tile is a Typical Application


S130 Cork Underlayment

S130 Cork Underlayment Installation Instructions

underlay sheets

CWF Flooring, Inc.
Natural Cork Underlayment
9.5mm thick (.375")

2 ft x 3ft x 9.5mm (Min. Order 50 Planks)
Ships in 2-5days.
Per Plank / $2.38 Sq. Ft.
Quantity :
CWF Flooring, Inc.
WARNING: AcoustiCORK™ is TESTED for Sound Control Rating and meets building code and condominium association requirements.
Our Acoustic CORK Underlayment should NOT be confused with GENERIC cork underlayment.

PR60 Cork Underlayment
PR60PR60 wave textured cork underlayment

AcoustiCORK™- PR60 Cork Underlayment

AcoustiCORK™ PR60 is a proprietary wave cork underlayment. The waved cork is installed face down to minimize direct contact with the sub floor to maximize the Impact Isolation Class) IIC performance of most flooring systems either glued, floating or laminate flooring. Testing by NGC Testing Service, accredited by NVLAP and the US Dept. Commerce for IIC in accordance with ASTM E 492 and ASTM E 2179. Subject laboratory test revealed that on a 6" concrete sub floor shown to increase to up 25 IIC points. Cork is non-conductable but can't be used for switchboard matting. Other cork sheet options are CRC950

Decibels maintain their levels when transmitting linear. As the sound re-directs due to waved textures imbedded in the cork underlayment, the decibels will decrease. This the essence of the PR-60 wave-texture cork underlay The Wave Textured Cork Underlayment will provide superior noise abatement than rubber, foam or standard cork underlay and other glued hardwood applications. AcoustiCORK PR60 is a High Performance Profile Wave Technology Sound Control Underlayment application. More details on the PR-60 wave-texture Cork Underlayment can be found at: PR60 Wave Texture Cork Underlayment Brochure

How to install PR60 and R60 Cork Underlay

AcoustiCORK™ - Cork Underlayment PR60
CWF Flooring, Inc.
Natural Cork Underlayment
less than 1/4 inch thick

48 inches wide / 118 ft. long
/ Per Roll = $1.37 Sq. Ft.
Quantity :
CWF Flooring, Inc.


Quiet Comport PLUS Cork Underlayment

AcoustiCORK™-QuietComfortPLUS Cork Underlayment with Vapor Barrier

AcoustiCORK™ QuietComfortPLUS, (For Floating Wood or Laminate Floors Only)

Specifications: 30.47' x 39.4" x 1.8MM (.071") Thick (=100sq. ft.)

•Integrated Moisture Barrier for Easy Installation
• The Natural Alternative to Synthetic Foams
•Reduces Step Sound & Impact Noise
•Increases Walking Comfort
•Helps Insulate Cold Floors

QuietComfortPLUS Cork Underlayment

AcoustiCORK™ - QuietComfortPLUS Cork Underlayment
CWF Flooring, Inc.
2.5mm Thick Natural Cork Underlayment
30.47' x 39.4" x 1.8MM (.071") Thick (=100 sq. ft.)
/ Per Roll =50¢ Sq. Ft.
Quantity :
CWF Flooring, Inc.



Our customers are guaranteed consistent sound levels through out the cork products. This will make trowel work easy and consistently smooth and level.

Cork Underlayment Sound Test Data-Structural Test

Cork Underlay Under Floating Floors
Cork Underlayment Under Floating Floors:
Impact Noise Reduction, 18 Decibels

Cork Underlayment Under Glued Down Wood Floor:
Impact Noise Reduction, 21 Decibels

Cork Underlayment Under Tile Floors:
Impact Noise Reduction, 12 Decibels

Cork Underlayment Rolls R60 (6mm) Cork Underlay Planks S130 (13mm)

- STC-IIC Definitions

Wood framed structures
- Floating Floor IIC
- Floating Floor STC
- Glued Floor IIC
- Glued Floor STC
- Nailed Floor IIC
- Nailed Floor STC

Concrete Sub floor/Sound Rated Ceiling
- R60
- Floating Wood on 6mm IIC
- Floating Wood on 6mm STC
- Glued Wood on 6mm IIC
- Glued Wood on 6mm STC
- Nailed Wood on 6mm IIC
- Nailed Wood on 6mm STC
- Tile on 6mm IIC
- Tile on 6mm STC

Concrete Sub floor/No Sound Rated Ceiling
- R60
- Floating Floor on 6mm IIC
- Floating Floor on 6mm STC

. S130
- Tile on 13mm STC
- Tile on 13mm IIC

Structural Testing - Robinson Wheel Testing
- R60
- 6mm Gyp-Crete Residential Robinson Test
- CBU 6mm Light Commercial Robinson Test

. S130
- Direct Bond Lt. Commercial S130 Robinson Test
- Direct Bond Residential Robinson Test S130

Note: The underlayment cannot be penetrated by nails, screws or any type of fastening device. Once penetrated it creates a “sound transmission” point.
So you will not have the IIC ratings or STC. The cork products are specifically designed for glue down applications.

Sound Transmission Class and Impact Insulation Class (STC-IIC)
  Test Reference  Sub floor  Acoustic-CORK® Thickness  Suspended Ceiling  Overlay  Floor Covering  Sound Ratings IIC STC 
Wood Floor Joist System RAL IN95-11•RAL TL95-118 5/8" Plywood 6mm Yes 1 1/2" Gypsum Concrete Ceramic Tile 57 60
RAL IN95-19•RAL TL95-126 5/8" Plywood 6mm Yes 1 1/2" Gypsum Concrete Parquet Wood 54 59
RAL IN95-15•RAL TL95-122 5/8" Plywood 6mm Yes 1 1/2" Gypsum Concrete Laminate Floor 53 60
RAL IN98-37•RAL TL98-186 5/8" Plywood 6mm Yes 1 1/2" Gypsum Concrete Floating Wood 57 60
Concrete Floor System RAL IN95-37•RAL TL95-256 6" Slab 6mm Yes None Ceramic Tile 61 60
RAL IN95-43•RAL TL95-366 6" Slab 6mm Yes None Glued Wood 61 62
RAL IN95-42•RAL TL95-365 6" Slab 6mm Yes None Nailed Wood 61 61
RAL IN95-41•RAL TL95-364 6" Slab 6mm Yes None Floating Wood 63 60
RAL IN98-40•RAL TL98-27 6" Slab 6mm No None Floating Wood 50 52

Installations Instructions For Cork Underlayment

Cork Underlayment Rolls Cork Underlay Sheets- Planks
AcoustiCORK™ Wood Sub floors
- Tile on CBU's
- Tile on Lightweight Concrete or Gypsum
- Tile on Mortar Bed
- Floating Wood Floors
- Glued Wood Floors

AcoustiCORK™ Concrete Sub floors
- Floating floor on 6mm
- Glued floor on 6mm
- Nailed Wood Floor
- Tile floors on 13mm

2mm Cork Underlayment For Laminate Flooring
LVT Total Comfort is a cork underlayment for non-glue down applications for laminate flooring, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) on concrete. Designed to reduce impact sounds and vibrations of step sounds. This luxury product will add comfort to all floating vinyl plank flooring and other floating floor products.

The high-tech design includes an integration of a vapor barrier for grade applications and basement floors. The perfect density will abate noise for second floors, townhouse with shared floors/ceiling and walls in multi-family applications. Our sound engineers have designed our dense cork underlayment rolls to reduce in-room noise. Due to quality manufacturing LVT Total Comfort cork underlayment will be resist indentation from all foot traffic. CWF Flooring, Inc. provides a zero phthalate / Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), with hypo allergenic and zero formaldehyde features making this product safe for children's bedrooms.

For volume discounts please fill out the Underlayment Estimate Request Form.

Cost: $98.00 @ 46 cents per sq. ft. for 200 sq. ft. Consist of 2 rolls, Width - 39.4" Length - 30.47' Thickness - 1.8mm (.07”) Specifications: LVT-Total Comfort Cork-Foam Underlayment


Cork Underlayment Frequently Asked Questions

1. We noticed CWF Flooring, Inc. does not sell the adhesive. Can you recommend any adhesive for the cork underlayment to a concrete sub-floor?
CWF flooring Inc. recommends that thin-set for adhering cork underlayment to a concrete slab. Thin-set is like a thin mortar similar to Portland cement but thinner. Thin-set can be applied under cork underlayment to level minor imperfections in height being in organic thin-set will not be an affinity to mold because it's not a food source for mold gross. Hence, cork underlayment, when thin-set is applied, can be appropriate for: shower floors, show walls, bathroom floors, kitchen flooring and counter tops.

2.We found cork underlayment on another web site for a couple of dollars less. Are there really differences between cork underlayment products?
Generic cork does not go through acoustical testing. Our cork underlayment, AcoustiCork, meets the standards for home owners associations (HOA) and condominium associations. Sound Transmission Class (STC) testing results can be viewed at: Sound Transmission Class Data

3. We live in Santa Clarita, California just north of Los Angeles. Can CWF Flooring ship cork underlayment rolls to us for free?
Answer: yes, one quarter inch thick cork rolls 4ft. x 50ft. long weighs only 55 pounds. They can ship UPS ground. However, PR60 underlayment rolls are quarter inch thick by 118ft.t long and must ship via truck freight. The S-130 underlayment planks, depending on quantity, ships via UPS-Ground or truck freight.

4. We purchased some cheap laminate flooring for our living room. However, the planks do not have any underlay. Can we glue your cork underlayment to the laminate floor planks then just float the laminate flooring on the concrete floor?

Answer: Absolutely Yes! This is a good idea and may save you money if you purchase 'cheap' laminate flooring, then adhere our quality cork underlayment to the laminate planks. For more details visit Cork Underlayment Installation Instructions

We want to buy 3 1/2 rolls of cork underlayment. Can CWF cut the rolls to our specifications?
No sorry. If you need three and half rolls of underlayment then-we are sorry- but you'll have to purchase four rolls. The excess court can be utilized for cork bulletin boards, coasters, pyrographic artwork, art projects, homemade stamps, pincushions, improvised dart boards, etc.

6. I’m a flooring contractor in Los Angeles, California. The R60 cork underlayment rolls are $180 per roll with shipping. How much if I pick up the rolls at CWF Flooring? Do I still have to pay $180?
You’re welcome to will call the cork underlayment at our other warehouse in San Bernardino, California. Price: $142. You’ll save approx. $38 per roll.

7. Does the cork underlayment provide any heat insulation? We live in Bloominton, IL. and our concrete floors get pretty cold here.

Yes, It will increase thermal output by 5-7° as well as reduce warm up time. Save up to 20% of energy costs. 6mm Heated Floor System Thermal Cork Underlay

8. My husband and I are converting one of our rooms into a recreation room. The current floor is faux marble and we don't want to glue down the cork underlay because it will be destroy the marble. The question is: must we use glue to install the cork underlayment?

No, its recommended to use glue but it's not required, as well the effect on the acoustical value will be nil. Installation Instructions Without a Glue Down Application

If you have a question regarding cork underlayment; its installation, specifications, etc. please call us: 1-661-273-8700 or email your question to us: Sales@CartWheelFactory.com

Pick Up Your Cork Underlayment Rolls or Planks in Los Angeles, California
californiz cork underlayment Call Tyler, the shipping Manager at 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 TEXT 1-323-420-6794 to find out if free shipping applies to your potential order of cork underlayment, R60 or S130. Ships from to Los Angeles, California. R60 cork rolls los angeles(576) 2' x 3' x 1/2", (3456 sq. ft.) cork underlayment planks can fit in a standard cargo van.