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For Gym Flooring and Fitness Centers

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24" x 24" x 8mm (5/16") Thick Interlocking Rubber Tiles
Our rubber tiles, square and interlocking, are available at our Palmdale, CA store front-one hour north of Los Angeles, CA and 15 minutes from Santa Clarita, CA. Free shipping may apply to interlocking rubber tiles to California.

Manufactured using highly compressed rubber. Rubber flooring rolls and rubber gym flooring tiles are designed for weight rooms, health clubs, fitness centers, aerobic rooms, play rooms, home gyms, ice rinks, basements, garages, warehouses, etc. The interlocking rubber tabs provide easy assembly and disassembly for simple portability, replacement and expansion. Rubber interlocking gym floor tiles are water-resistant which enhances the outdoor applications.
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Rubber Interlocking Floor Tiles 2 ft x 2ft

Loose-Lay Rubber Weight Room Flooring

Rubber Weight Room Flooring
rubber interlocking gym mats
Interlocking Rubber Tile: Size: 2 ft x 2 ft. Price per Tile
Thickness (mm) Thickness (Inches) Confetti Black 10% Color 20% Color
 6mm  1/4" $7.54 $8.01 $8.74 $9.62
8mm 5/16" $8.84 $9.26 $10.40 $11.54
9mm 3/8" (recommended) $9.57 $9.88 $11.13 $12.90
12mm 1/2" $11.75 $12.32 $13.73 $15.70
rubber gym flooring tiles
Call the sales Manager for potential discount for large orders:
CALL NOW: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701
or Email us: Sales@CartwheelFactory.Com


2 x 2 Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles
Are Stocked here in Southern California
Rubber Interlocking Gym Floor Tiles are Precision
Cut to Insure a Near Seamless Connection.


2 x 2 x 8mm Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles
Interlocking rubber tiles are precision water-jet cut, not stamp die cut, for tight 'interlockablity'
Made in USA!

3 ft x 3ft x 3/8" Rubber Interlocking Gym Floor Tiles

interlocking rubber tiles
puzzle rubber mats
10% Blue Fleck (corner tile)
Black (center tile )
Center View (multi-color)

floor for weight roomRubber Gym Flooring Rolls or Tiles Can be Glued Down or Taped Down with Black Tape

CWF Flooring, Inc. guarantees our rubber flooring products for five years to the original purchaser from defective manufacturing under normal conditions. CWF Flooring, Inc. will, at its own discretion, replace the defective material goods
Rubber Floor Warranty


weight room
Gym Flooring
fitness floors

Our Universal Interlocking Rubber Weight Room Tiles design presents itself with centers, borders and corner tiles for applications other than wall to wall coverage. Gyms and weight rooms often need a rubber mat to be placed under
heavy universal weight machines. There's no need to expose interlocking rubber tabs with optional corners and border tiles.

Color Options: Black, 10% blue, 10% tan and/or 10% gray fleck.

NOTE: Rubber Interlocking Tiles are
36" x 36"

(91.44 cm x 91.44 cm) Covers 7.9 sq. ft. per tile.

For large orders contact us. 1-661-273-8700
or- 1-661-273-8701 Ask for the Sales Manager.

Email: Sales@CartwheelFactory.Com

Universal Interlocking Rubber Weight Room Tiles
36" x 36" x 3/8"
(cost per tile/per 9 sq ft)
Min. Order-25 Tiles (225 sq ft)
$25.94 per tile for BLACK
$27.30 per tile for 10% Color Fleck

• Fast and easy to install. No adhesives required. Lock the pieces together to create a long lasting seamless floor.
• The portability make interlocking rubber tiles a practical choice for home, business or industrial use.
• Can add additional pieces on to existing area to create a large space when desired.
As well, use high percentage of colored interlocking rubber tiles to accent borders or walkways
• Extremely Durable - it withstands abuse from weights, dumbbells, ice skates or spikes.
Deadens sounds, absorbs impact and reduces damage to floors and equipment.
• Easy to clean with damp mopping and mild soap.
• 5 Year Warranty

Made to Order Rubber Tiles: Choose Your Color and Percentage of Specks
Designer Series Info Sheet

Min. Order Requirement Applies To: DESIGNER SERIES ONLY
(20% Color Mix OF TWO COLORS up to 90% Color Mix up to THREEE COLORS)
Format Thickness Min. Order Requirement In Increments of:
Interlocking Tiles 1/4" 22 Tiles 22 Tiles
Interlocking Tile 3/8" 14 Tiles 14 Tiles
Interlocking Tiles 1/2" 9 Tiles 9 Tiles
Square Cut Tiles 1/4" 22 Tiles 22 Tiles
Square Cut Tiles 3/8" 14 Tiles 14 Tiles
Square Cut Tiles 1/2" 9 Tiles 9 Tiles

Home Gym Flooring
home boxing gymThis AFTER photo of a home boxing, weightlifting gym was supplied by Nicholas of Los Angeles, California.
Format: Rubber Sport Flooring (Rolls)
home gym flooringBEFORE
olympic weightroom platformBEFORE

Rubber Tile PRICE LIST

Rubber Interlocking Tiles and Square Cut Tile
Percentage of Color Fleck 0% (Black) 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%
1/4" Thick Rubber
Interlocking Tiles or Squares, per tile
$21.70 $27.20 $29.40 $32.71 $37.49 $41.11 $45.22 $48.12 $52.69 $57.81
3/8" Thick Rubber
Interlocking Tiles or Squares, per tile
$28.12 $31.61 $34.17 $44.47 $51.30 $56.91 $63.08 $67.57 $74.94 $82.10
1/2" Thick Rubber
Interlocking Tiles or Squares, per tile
$33.99 $38.27 $41.82 $55.86 $65.05 $73.36 $81.44 $87.56 $96.57 $106.81
Rubber in rolls format are more economical than tiles, FYI.

Rubber SwatchesOffice Flooring

Fleck % for rubber floors
The perfect solution for many applications, including:
Health Club Floors Health Clubs
Fitness Fitness Centers
Weight Room Flooring Weight Rooms
Aerobic Activity Aerobic Rooms
Play Room Floors Play Rooms
Home Gyms Home Gyms
Ice Rinks Areas Ice Rinks
Basement Floors Basements
Warehouses Warehouses
Jump ropeweight room
Playroom floorsice skate
CWF Flooring, Inc's. interlocking rubber tiles are produced with such high compression that cars can drive on them without leaving compression marks. Tiles are manufactured and engineered for durability and designed with fashionable color options. Interlocking rubber tiles are the perfect floor for those whole desire durability, design and portability.
  • Cost Effective
  • Ease of Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Multiple Dynamic Colors
  • Noise Suppressor
  • Non-skid Surface
  • Scuff Resistant
  • Seamless Joints
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Stain Resistant
  • 36" x 36" x 3/8" Interlocking Rubber Tiles

    Interlocking Rubber Tiles have 15 color fleck options -Vs- the more economical
    Universal Interlocking Tiles which have only 3 color options.

    Pair of Interlocking Tiles

    Two Interlocking Rubber Tiles
    36 inches x 36 inches, 1/4" or 3/8" thick

    American Made Rubber Flooring rolls
    Made in USA

    1/4" thick
    100% Black $26.09 per tile (min 22 tiles)
    10% Color / 90% Black
    $28.32 per tile (min 22 tiles)
    20% Color / 80% Black
    $29.51 per tile (min 22 tiles)
    min order: 25

    3/8" thick
    100% Black $32.75 per tile (min 14 tiles)
    10% Color / 90% Black
    $34.20 per tile (min 14 tiles)
    20% Color / 80% Black
    $34.37 per tile (min 14 tiles)
    min order: 20

    NOTE: For Color options of 30% -90% Color fleck or designer color fleck please request a Quote.

    30%-90% color minimum order is 22 rubber tiles for 1/4" thick (173 sq.ft) Must be purchased in 22 tile increments.

    30%-90% color min. order is 14 rubber tiles for 3/8" thick (173 sq.ft) Must be purchased in 14 tile increments.
    1/2" thick
    100% Black $34.00 per tile (min 20 tiles)
    10% Color / 90% Black
    $36.86 per tile (min 20tiles)
    20% Color / 80% Black
    $40.27 per tile (min 20 tiles)
    min order: 20

    Other Rubber Flooring Applications
    Aerobics Rubber Flooring
    For step fitness classes, jump rope, agility training, jogging tracks and more!
    Rubber Underlayment
    For underlayment for tiles, wood floors and dance flooring.
    Plastic Sport Tiles for All Courts
    For outdoor basketball courts, tennis and all courts.
    Foam Puzzle Mats
    For playrooms, martial arts floors, kinder gyms and light impact aerobic training.

    Our interlocking rubber tiles are designed for high impact areas such as weight rooms where weights and dumb bells are dropped on a daily basis or ice skating rinks where ice skating blades are the standard footwear and even in more gentle areas such as play areas. Our dense 3/8" thick interlocking rubber tiles weighs 2.3 lbs. per sq. ft. 1/4" thick 1.7 lbs. Half inch thick rubber tiles weigh approximately 3-1/2 pounds per square foot.
    Rolls are recommended for large floor spaces because the installation process is less time consuming.
    Rubber floor tiles (36" x 36") are more suited for smaller areas where center room obstacles such as pillars are present. These stylish tiles have an appearance of formalness and geo-centricity.
    Our interlocking rubber tiles uses state-of-the-art methodologies to create flooring that is durable comfortable and fashionable to use not to mention safe and slip-resistant. Rubber compression is carefully calibrated so as not to create a surface that is slippery. Slip and fall is a big business that costs companies millions of dollars yearly as well as lost production from "injured" employees.
    Complicated floor configurations can be cut even by non-professionals which will save you money from hiring professional installers. We have provided installation instructions with all our products. Recommended Adhesive CX-941.
    Rubber Floor Installation Instructions.

    portable tiles
    Portability and easy assemble is a feature of rubber interlocking tiles.

    Rubber Swatch Samples are 10% Color with 1/4" & 3/8" Thicknesses of All Color Choices
    IMPORTANT: The wide variety of color combinations and options allow you to coordinate your interlocking rubber tiles with equipment, furnishings and overall decorative design. Ten percent color fleck means 10% color of your choice which is 90% black, 20% Color means 80% Black, etc. CWF Flooring, Inc. allows you to mix colors in 10% increments. In other words, 30% Color can be 30% of one color or 10% Red, 10% White and 10% Blue. Your options are limitless, and your creative imagination unrestricted. Lastly, your desired percentage can be of one color, for example, 30% blue.
    90% Color Rubber Flooring Swatches ( PDF)
    rubber flooring-Black Tan
    black tan gray white
    teal green yellow blue
    purple red orange lipstick
    raspberry brown


    cutting rubber
    Durable for Dumbbells
    Weight Room Floor

    90% Color #196

    90% Color #194

    90% Tan

    90% Color #197

    50% Color #195


    Made in USA!

    Rubber Square Cut Tiles

    tiles rubber
    Shipping Rubber Tiles Must be Shipped on Pallets

    Rubber Square Cut Tiles, 36 inches x 36 inches, 1/4" & 3/8" thick
    Cost per tile . Min. Order 22 (1/4") or 14 (3/8") Tiles.
    1/4" thick, 30%-90% color min. order is 22 tiles (198 sq. ft.) Must be purchased in 22 tile increments.
    3/8" thick, 30%-90% color min. order is 14 tiles (198 sq. ft. ) Must be purchased in 14 tile increments.

    1/4" thick
    100% Black $26.09 per tile (min 22 tiles)
    10% Color / 90% Black
    $28.32 per tile (min 22 tiles)
    20% Color / 80% Black
    $29.51 per tile (min 22 tiles)
    min order: 22

    Sheets of Rubber
    Solid Black Rubber Square Cut Tiles
    3/8" thick
    100% Black $32.75 per tile (min 24 tiles)
    10% Color / 90% Black
    $34.20 per tile (min 14 tiles)
    20% Color / 80% Black
    $34.37 per tile (min 14 tiles)
    min order: 22

    NOTE: For Color options of 30% -90% Color fleck or mixed color fleck please request a Quote.
    Rubber Flooring Info Sheet (PDF File)
    Fitness Flooring
    Interlocking Rubber Tabs Have a Near Seamless Appearance @ 6 lbs. per 2 x 2 Tile
    Additional Advantages of Rubber Tiles -Vs- Rolls
    The great advantage of the interlocking rubber tiles is that they can be replaced when damaged or stained or when expansion is needed. The extra expense for the interlocking rubber tiles versus the rolls may be absorbed by the tile-by-tile replacement instead of roll by roll replacement. To compare prices please email us two estimate requests, one for rolls the second for interlocking tiles or call us now:
    1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 or email us:

    The interlocking tabs on all four sides of each tile are barely visible. The ‘floor smoothness’ or surface continuity will not be disturbed using the interlocking tile versus the rolls. With respect to expense-if this is your main concern-the rubber floor rolls are recommended.

    tile nitrile
    Nitrile Tiles Have Universal Applications. From offices, to warehouse, factory and home uses.

    Nitrile Rubber Tiles

    nitrile tile
    • Fabric is heat-molded into Nitrile rubber face for added superior strength.
    • Added anti-fatigue features for wet-free areas.
    • Rubber cushioned Nitrile is closed cell tiles will provide everlasting comfort.
    • Versatile modular tile design allows for larger custom installations. The interlocking modular features will allow endless configurations for any size room, warehouse or factory.
    • A 3/4" thickness will abate noise and insulate heat and cold floors.
    • Applications are numerous: Store fronts, work station, factories, warehouse and fitness applications.
    • Nitrile Interlocking Tiles Information Sheet
    nitrile interlocking tile

    Product Specifications:

    › Product Size: Corner Tile- 21.875” x 21.875”
    › Middle Tile- 18” x 18”
    › Side Tile- 18” x 21.875”
    › Corner Tile- 39.875” x 39.875”
    › Middle Tile- 36” x 36”
    › Side Tile- 36” x 39.875”
    › Overall Thickness: 3/4”
    ›Surface Type: Woven Vinyl
    › Cushion Type: Nitrile Closed Cell Foam
    › Density: 5.5 to 7.5 lbx/ft^3
    › Water Absorption: ASTM D 1667- .01 lb/sq ft maximum
    › Temperature Use: ASTM D 1056- Cold Crack: -20 degrees F
    › High: 200 Degrees intermittent exposure
    › Testing • Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1.On your web site we noticed you have 2x2 and 3x3 rubber gym tiles. Are they the same stuff?
    Yes, the rubber density are the same and can be used for the same applications; gym floor and weight rooms, etc. If you have a large weight room then the 3x3 rubber sport tiles will enable a quicker, less expensive installation. If the rubber interlocking tiles are for a home gym, then the 2x2 rubber tiles will suffice. Please call a sales representative so we can advise you on your sport flooring needs: 1-661-273-8700 or text your questions to 1-323-420-6794.

    2. Perhaps you can help us make a decision. We like the rubber interlocking tiles because I think it would be easy to install. The rubber rolls appear heavy to handle. Oops, I meant to ask: Frankly, we don’t like the black rubber tiles. We want more color which would match our home décor. Please give us enlightenment.
    Yes, the interlocking rubber tiles are lighter, easier to install and may even be fun to install them. Look at the installation process as assembling a jigsaw puzzle. With regards to color options, we can produce custom colors for your home or commercial gym. Due to production reasons, the Design Series/custom made rubber tiles must be produced in 14 tile increments for the 3/8’ thick. Fourteen tiles will cover 110 sq. ft. In other words, we can manufacture 110 sq. ft. (14 tiles), 220 sq. ft. (28 tiles0, 330 sq. ft. (42 tiles), etc., of any color YOU design. The design requirement can’t exceed 3 colors with 30%-90% color fleck with 70%-10% black. Use the above design tool to test the color options.

    3. My family owns a fitness center in Phoenix, Arizona we plan to open another gym in Tucson, AZ. The Phoenix gym has rubber rolls, but for the Tucson gym we want rubber interlocking tiles. Will the tiles show the seams or gap between the interlocking tabs?
    Yes, the hair-line seams will show but are hardly noticeable. The rubber floor tiles are cut with precision. They are water-jet cut not die-stamped cut. This cutting technology produces zero post cutting waste, meaning no rubber is lost from the tile during the cutting process.

    4. You have the rubber square tiles for sale and the interlocking ones. Which one should we buy?

    The square cut rubber gym tiles must be adhered with glue to the floor. The interlocking sport tiles can loose-lay or float without adhesive.

    5.We have perused your entire web site and can’t find it-but I’m going to ask anyway: We like your aerobic rubber rolls but we want aerobic floor tiles not rolls. Do you have such a product?
    Our rubber aerobic flooring is not produced tile format, sorry. We have a plastic interlocking aerobic tile with a faux wood surface. Will this meet your needs? We also have interlocking foam gym tiles, also known as puzzle mats.

    6.Our company sells hand-held construction tools that we promote at trade shows. We need a durable, portable and masculine floor where we can show case our tools. Kindly make suggestions.
    If you’re concerned about protecting the floor below from dropped tools then we suggest the interlocking rubber floor tiles. However, we are not sure if the tools will be damaged after dropping. The floor tiles are portable, 2x2 @ approx. 7 lbs. per tile, FYI.

    7.Can we use the rubber floor in an RV?
    Yes, but it is not recommended. Rubber is heavy @ 1.7 lbs. per sq. ft. for the ¼” thick. So if you need to cover an area that’s 4’ wide x 25’ long that will add 170 lbs. Perhaps a self adhesive low-pile carpet tiles will be lighter choice.

    8.Our commercial weight room in Las Vegas is huge, approx. 90’ x 60’. Should we purchase the tile or rolls?
    The rubber rolls for weight room are produced up to 150’ long. We can custom cut your rolls 90’ without a cutting charge. As well, rolls are more economical than interlocking rubber tiles. A 90’ x60’ weight room is 5400 sq. ft, solid black, 3/8” thick @$1.80 per sq. ft. x 5400 sq. ft.=$10,044 For the interlocking rubber weight room tiles you’ll need approx. 683 tiles @ $25.94 each=$17,731 So the rolls are $7687 less than the interlocking rubber tiles. This does not include any volume discount which may be applied to large orders.

    9.I am a senior citizen and want to install a rubber floor for my home gym. Actually my wife wants me to make way for a home gym. Something about that exercise is good for you, lol. Our budget is limited. The question is; will the ¼” thick rubber gym tiles be thick enough for our home weight room.
    Yes, for weight rooms using light weights, dumbbells, etc., the 1/4” will suffice. If you have a bench-press of more than 150 lbs. then we recommend the 3/8” rubber sport floor. Another economical option is to buy a little extra ¼” thick, cut it into a rubber mat for a bench press and place it under the bench press. A 4’ x 5’ (20 sq. ft.) should be enough. That will give you a ½” rubber mat for your bench press.

    10. We like the interlocking rubber weight room tiles because they appear to be easy to install. But the concern is, my boys have a pair of punching bags and they say the rubber weight room floors are too hard for boxing practice. Do you have a rubber floor for a boxing?
    Absolutely yes! Your boys are correct. A weight room floor is firmer than a rubber floor for boxing. We recommend our aerobic sport surface. Our rubber aerobic surface will provide moderate anti-fatigue properties and secure footing. This surface is often used for indoor running tracks.

    11. I live in Santa Clarita want to buy 50 rubber floor tiles for my home gym to make a 10’ x 20’ area. This is not going to be a wall to wall area so we have to cut the interlocking tabs off around the perimeter. Can we do that?
    Yes you can cut the tabs off with a large utility knife using safety gloves and eye protectors. It will be laborious.

    12. I’m not trying to make the Top 10 dumbest questions here but are the rubber sport surfaces made of rubber? I will not leave my name because I’m ashamed of my dumb question.
    Dear Jennifer Hanson of Small Creek Road, just kidding. Yes, the rubber is made of 100% recycled tire rubber. There are no urethanes, foams or fillers mixed in the rubber. There’s nothing better for the USA than recycled US made rubber sport surfaces.

    13.We have to share a room with the drill team and need a portable weight room floor for our physical educations program. Would it be easier to assemble/roll out the interlocking rubber tiles or the rubber rolls?
    It would be easier to roll it out. However, the installation process for the interlocking rubber weight room tiles would result in a safer sport area. The rubber rolls can’t be connected so it is possible, but unlikely to create a tripping hazard. If you have a weight room training class that has 15 students, each student connects nine tiles (36sq. ft.) in five minutes, and then you’ll have finished 550 sq. ft. (135 tiles) or a 23’ x 23’ (approx.) weight room area. CWF’s US made rubber interlocking weigh room tiles are easy and quick to install.

    14. We have a question regarding maintenance. How do you clean the rubber tiles?
    A common and inexpensive method to clean rubber flooring is with a cup of vinegar in a gallon of water with a 1/8 cup of lemon or several drop of oil of essence of your favorite scent such as eucalyptus oil or orange essential oil.

    15.We are interested in your nitrile tiles for a small commercial warehouse. We will not use drive fork lifts on the nitrile interlocking tile type. The question is, well, will this be ok?.
    Yes, if there's a lot of consistent foot traffic and if your objective is to provide anti-fatigue and non-slip, rather, less slip, CWF Flooring, Inc. nitrile tiles is an ideal choice. Only black is available. Please view our information sheet for nitrile interlocking tiles.

    16. We are looking for a rubber interlocking tiles for outdoors. Can we use your sport tile for outdoor?
    Yes, however, you may loose lay the rubber on the outdoor floor but if you're going to glue it problems may occur.

    17. In the summer our family uses our 3-car garage as a recreation area so we need to move the car in and out of the garage. Can we use the rubber interlocking tiles for a garage?
    Yes you can. You may even drive cars on it but not on a regular basis. Do not turn the steering wheels while the car is stationary. Be cautious when driving on the rubber interlocking garage floor tiles.

    18. Our backyard has a swing set, monkey bars and horizontal ladder climbs. The playground set is over grass which is hard. I'm concerned my kids will fall and get hurt. Can we use the rubber interlocking tiles for an outdoor playground?
    No because the rubber is too hard to add safety to your playground.


    10% Color Rubber Flooring Swatch90% Color Swatch

    A $10.00 credit will be applied if a full purchase is made.
    Free Rubber Flooring Samples-Shipping $10.00 each
    Rubber Flooring Sample includes all available colors, 1/4" & 3/8" thick
    Quantity :

    Quote Request