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Wall Mounted Wood Ballet Barres with Single or Double Non-Adjustable Brackets

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A Row of 14 ft. Poplar Ballet Bars with Chrome Fixed Brackets

Our wood wall mounted ballet bar and portable ballet barre are Made in the USA! CWF Flooring, Inc. offers three species of wood bars: Poplar, Oak and Maple. All ballet bars are kiln-dried before cutting to insure a precision cut then turned for accurate roundness. Ballet barres are finally machine sanded, wood ends are slightly beveled and lastly spot sanded by hand.

We produce high quality wood ballet barres for dance and the barre method training at affordable prices. Due to its superior tensile strength, Oak or Maple wood is recommended for barre method training. The wood bars are not stained or varnished to ensure chemical free touch and provide a secure grip.

The Cartwheel Factory recommends that the buyer does not use varnish to preserve the wood bar. The reason for this is that this may cause the ballet bar to become slippery. Hand sweat needs to be absorbed into the bar to enhance grip security for the ballet dancer or for ballet bar method training exercises.

A large stock of wood ballet barres and brackets are ready to ship.

Call our Sales Dept. at: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8700 for details or Text Us Now

We offer FREE shipping for 4, 6 and 8 foot barres. Poplar wood bars & chrome brackets ship in approx. 2-4 business days!

Ballet Bar Brackets

The most common type of ballerina barre is the wall mounted. The 4 foot ballet bar is ideal for home use. These are easy to install and come with installation instructions. Single Non adjustable are a fixed bracket that, well, can't be adjusted. Double fixed ballet bar bracket consist of two barres both non adjustable.
Length options: 4, 6, 8 ft. ship for FREE. Ten, 14 ft and 16 ft. barres require quotes. Bracket options include fixed non adjustable chrome ballet bar bracket or one piece double fixed gray. For the chrome double fixed (non-adjustable) brackets consist of two fixed brackets on top of each other or one piece wrap around gray bracket.

brackets with an antique finish for wood bars only

•Antique Brackets: Color- Black with mild Gold-like Specks or it Gold-like with Black specks?
•CWF Flooring, Inc's. Non Adjustable Ballet Bar Brackets are smooth, unfinished and strong.
•These traditional brackets can be installed on concrete or dry walls.

High Gloss Screw-in Chrome Fixed Brackets with round arm.
Heavy Duty Single Fixed Ballet Wrap-around Brackets. Gray, Powered Coated
Chrome Bracket on Poplar Bar
Antique Fixed White with square extension arm.
home use ballet bar
Silver Specks on Black Bracket with round extension arm.
Screw-mounts on to wood bars
All Black Ballet Bar Bracket with Round Extension Arm.
Antique Black Bracket

Double Fixed Ballet Wrap-around Brackets
High Gloss Screw-in Chrome Fixed Brackets with round arm are easy to install. For installation instructions for wall mounted ballet barres please visit: How to Install Wall Mounted Ballet Barre Brackets

Length options: 4, 6, 8 & 10 foot. Bracket options include, high gloss chrome, single and double fixed gray. Four, Six foot and 8 foot by 1-7/8" diameter poplar wood ballet bars are the most popular item. Double fixed brackets consist of two fixed brackets on top of each other. Floor mount ballet bars are a non-portable option for venues who do not need to share floor space.

Ballet brackets should be mounted 42 inches off the floor for adults. Add an antique appearance to your dance studio, school or home dance room with CWF Flooring, Inc's. popular Bolshoi Antique Black Ballet Bar Brackets.

For those who want to install wall mounted glassless dance mirrors between the barre brackets, take note of the bar bracket spacing above. You can avoid mounting glassless mirrors on the wall by acquiring portable glassless mirrors on wheels.

Call 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 for details or Text Us Now

Free Shipping
High Gloss Screw-in Chrome Fixed Brackets with round arm
$41.95 ea.

Non-Adjustable Screw-in Wall Bracket
Colors: Antique Black or Black
Metal: $57.00 ea.
Quantity :
Color :
Heavy Duty Single Fixed Ballet Wrap-around Brackets. Gray, Powered Coated. Color: Gray
Quantity :
Bar Diameter :
Heavy Duty Double Fixed Ballet Wrap-around Brackets. Powered Coated. Color: Gray Metal: $74.50 ea.
Quantity :
Bar Diameter :

Note: For Ballet Bar Method physical fitness training it is recommended that extra brackets be purchased.

Wood Ballet Bar Price List

Length / Type (*Free Shipping) Bracket Spacing Bar Overhang Poplar   Oak Maple
4' Ballet Barre with 2 fixed brackets 32" 8" $156**   $224 $288
6' Ballet Barre with 2 fixed brackets 48" 12" $184**   $292** $388**
8' Ballet Barre with 2 fixed brackets 64" 16" $229**   $360** $488**
10' Ballet Barre with 2 fixed brackets 80" 20" $434   $448 $608
14' Ballet Barre with 3 fixed brackets 64" 20" Call   Call Call
16' Ballet Barre with 3 fixed brackets 80" 16" Call   Call Call

* = Free Shipping.
**=Ships in 2-4 business days
(With Screw in Chrome Ballet Barre Brackets Included)

Shipping is free for 4-6 feet wood ballerina barres!
Ten, 14 and 16 foot bars ship via truck freight. Call the sales department for a shipping quote:
Call our Sales Dept. at: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701or Email: Sales@CartwheelFactory.com

Which Wood Ballet Barre is Best?

Before deciding on the type of wood ballerina bar please study the below "Wood Specifications For Ballet Barres." Poplar wood is the most economical and the thickest at 1-7/8" dia. As stated below the maple wood bars are the strongest of all four wood species, as well the most rigid and expensive. For academic schools, where supervision is less than private dance studios, we suggest the oak wood because it is the second strongest of the three woods and can withstand the potential abuse from non-supervised students. Oak or Maple ballet bars are recommended for ballet fitness classes, bar fitness and The Barre Method training. Poplar wood is the most flexible and lightest but has moderate but good strength. Therefore Poplar wood is common for home use and well supervised ballet and dance studios.
Wood Specifications For Ballet Barre
Wood Cost Color Strength/psi Hardness (lb) Weight For 4ft bar Bending Strength (psi) Stiffness (Mpsi)
Poplar $ \/ Moderate/5540 540 2 lbs. 4 oz. (1.02 kg) 10,100 1.58
Maple $$$$ \/ Best/7830 1450 2 lbs 10 oz. (1.19 kg) 15,800 1.83
Red Oak $$$ \/ Very Good/6760 1290 2 lbs. 8 oz. (1.14 kg) 14,300 1.82
Ash $$ \/ Excellent/7410 1320 2 lbs. 13 oz. (1.28 kg) 15,000 1.74

CWF's ballet bars for dancers or fitness training can meet your design requirements with custom made options.

Wood Options & Wood Specifications For Ballet Barre

maple ballet barre

Wall Mounted Ballet Bar

Testing ones skill is a substantial part of growing as a dancer and performer. The assurance of stability can be the difference that separates’ your skills from that of your competition. Therefore having a well-constructed, USA made Ballet Barre is invaluable skill for strength building. Due to Covid many are now prepared to have a wall mounted bar installed in their homes. A space friendly option would be a free standing-portable ballet barre that easily disassembles for storage. Bring the tools of the studio to the privacy of your home with wall mounted ballet bars.

For a more permanent solution floor mounted ballet bars are an option for schools, universities and dance studio where sharing the floor space is not necessary. The 4' ballet bar for home use is recommended. Free Shipping for 4, 6 and 8 foot bars.

4' Home Use Wood Ballet Barre with
2 Non-Adjustable Chrome Brackets
$175/$219 ( 1-3/4" Dia Oak/Maple Only.)

Quantity :
6' Wood Ballet Barre, with
2 Non-Adjustable Chrome Brackets, without holes.
$184 ( 1-7/8" Dia. Poplar Wood)

8' Wood Ballet Barre,with
2 Non-Adjustable Chrome Brackets
$229 ( 1-7/8" Dia. Poplar Wood)


4-8 foot wood ballerina barres ship for free!
Ten, 14 and 16 foot bars ship via truck freight. Call the sales department for a shipping quote:
Call our Sales Dept. at: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701

Text Us Now

How to Install Wall Mounted Ballet Barre Brackets

Metal brackets for ballet bars can be installed with or without a wood backboards / installed directly onto the woods studs.

Double Wall Mounted Ballet Barres

Double Fixed Brackets
This photos was supplied by a Allen of Cummings, GA.. Pictured: Antique Double fixed brackets consists of two brackets on top of each other.

Double Fixed Metal Brackets
Customer designed his own wood back-board for the brackets.


Double Fixed Ballet Barre



Double Bars For Ballet

( 4', 6' and 8' Double Barres with 2 Brackets)

Double Bars with 3 brackets

(14' and 16'Double Barres with 3 Brackets)

Free Shipping

Double 4 ft. Barre with 2 double fixed brackets
Double 6 ft. Barre with 2 double fixed brackets
Double 8 ft. Barre with 2 double fixed brackets


Wood Bar Only

Oak, Maple & Poplar wood barre options are available with or without pre-drilled holes. A quality bar will last, even in the most extreme use, decades not seasons. An investment in the quality keeps dancing safe. Maple or oak is recommended for studio or ballet barre training, Poplar wood for home use. Free Shipping


POPLAR Wood Ballet Bar 1-3/4" dia.

Red Oak

OAK Ballet Bar 1-3/4"dia.


MAPLE Ballet Bar 1-3/4" dia.

POPLAR Wood Ballet Bar Only
OAK Wood Ballet Bar Only
MAPLE Wood Ballet Bar Only

Fixed (non adjustable) Ballet Bar Brackets

chrome fixed brackets
Fixed ballet bar brackets, aka, non-adjustable brackets are made of metal. They have a silver finish. These Fixed Height Ballet Barre Brackets are very sturdy and weigh 1 lb. each. They come with #12 x 2" flat head screws.


How High Do I Mount a Ballet Bar

Single Barre: 32" - 46" from floor (waist level)
Double Barre: 32" - 34" lower barre
  44" - 46" from the floor for upper barre
Distance from wall to barre: INSIDE = 7 1/2" (approximate.)
  OUTSIDE = 9" (apron.)
All dimensions are approximate and may change without notice.
Warp tolerance for wood is 3/16" per 4' section. 


About Ballet Brackets

Ballet bar brackets (PDF) have a couple of design options to compliment your ballet dance studio.

Ballet Bar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which type of wood bar is best?
This is a question of personal preference. The Poplar wood, while being slightly softer, is 1-3/4" thick will provide more bounce and flexibility. The oak and maple are both tougher and stiffer woods, oak being the heaviest of the three. Wood Options & Wood Specifications For Ballet Barres

2. What are the “true” colors of these woods?
Poplar wood is a light colored wood. While for the most part it is a light and tan in color. Oak is a blond wood. While its shade is more consistent than the other two types of wood, it is the grainiest of all three as well. Maple ballet bars have a similar light, tan color to poplar, with more consistency in shade, and fewer grains. All wood, all species have an inconsistent grain, some with knots, some with thick grains and narrow grains. All wood is beautiful.

3. Do I need to hire an installer to put these ballet bars up?
Not in most cases. While we recommend that wall-mounted bars be screwed into wall studs or better yet, a wall mounted wood back-board, we also provide instructions for self-installation. Each case is different of course, so be sure to know what you need before installation. Call us if you have any questions: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 or Text Us Now
You Tube installation instructions for the wall mounted bars and instructions for the portable ballet bars.

4. Can you cut the wood ballet bars to custom lengths?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of our stock and manufacturing process, only 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 14’, and 16’ bars are available. However, the bars do have a wood over-hang of 8, 12, 16 or 20 inches so, yes, the buyer can cut the bar to one's specifications without hindering the bar brackets. For a four foot long ballet bar you can NOT cut more than 6" off the end of the barre without hindering the metal bracket; six foot/10", 8 foot/ 13". 10 & 14 foot / 18", 16 foot/ 14".

5. The web site is not allowing me to purchase a 10’, 14’, or 16’ ballet bars online. Why is this?
Barres larger than 8’ long cannot be shipped by UPS ground, and must be transported by freight truck. To place an order for these bars, you will need to contact us for an estimate at (661) 273-8700. Four foot, 6’ and 8’ wall mounted bars are provided with FREE shipping. These can be purchased online.

6. We are a dance studio/contractor, are you able to provide us with a special price?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide a special price for studios or contractors, but we are able to provide larger discounts for larger orders, depending upon your needs.

7. Will the color from the stained poplar ballet bars rub off on bare skin?
No, the color used to stain the bars is fully cured and will not rub off on skin or clothes. By the way, white fixed metal ballet bar brackets look really great with color wood bars.

8. Where can I fine online ballet classes?
We do not offer ballet classes, sorry. Perhaps you can look for online ballet class at: www.OnlineBalletClass.Com

9. Can we use the ballet bars for barre workouts, aka. ballet fitness / Bar Method?
Yes, the bars are designed for ballet and bar method training. It is recommended that the end user acquire an extra bracket(s) for added security. To add extra ballet bar brackets drill an extra holes in the ballet bar to accommodate the extra bracket(s): First drill a hole 7/8" deep with a 3/8" drill bit. Then in the same hole use a 5/16" drill bit and drill 5/8". The hole is now a total of 1-1/2" deep. Further instructions are available at: cartwheelfactory.com/pdf/ballet-bars-instructions.pdf The bar method training system is a great way to stay or get in shape. It's an exercise class disguised as a ballet class.
For ballet bar fitness information or Bar Method workout videos please visit Ellie Kemper or visit: Barre Physique of Manhattan Beach , California for barre fitness classes.

10.How do you clean the wood bars?
Use a fine steel wool. You may want to use a mask so you don't breath in the wood dust. Use a damp cloth to remove excess wood dust from the bar. Then vacuum the area so dust will not be scattered in your dance room/dance studio. It is recommended that dance students keep their hands clean before dancing or before dance class starts. For health reasons, we recommend that students wash their hands before and after dance class. Ballet Bar brackets can be wiped clean with a spray cleaner.

11. I'm undecided to purchase the fixed ballet brackets or adjustable brackets?
If it's for adults only we recommended the fixed ballet bar brackets. If the program or your dance studio caters to both kids and adults, we recommend the adjustable ballet bar brackets. If your ballet bar brackets are for a ballet studio a combination of adjustable brackets and non-adjustable (fixed) is another option.

12. We have a ballet school in San Francisco, California. In the past we have had metal ballet bars. Hope you can be objective here but, what are the advantages/ disadvantages/ of wood bars -Vs- aluminum bars?
Metal ballet barres are cold to touch and are in fact slippery when the hands become sweaty. Wood ballet bars, like a gymnastic bar, will absorb wetness from the palms. If the surface can't absorb sweat then the bar will remain slippery. Metal ballet barres are stronger but do not have the flexibility of wood bars. This flexibility provide an anti-stress on joints, especially on the ballet bar method training.

13. Can you splice together two 8 foot bars to make a 16 ft bar. We want to save on shipping costs. Shipping 8ft. bars are free, correct?

Yes, 8ft. ballet barres ship for free! Please view Wood Ballet Bar Splice Joint Instructions.

14. Are your ballerina bars oval or round?
Our ballerina bars are round and smooth to the touch.

15. We like your wood ballet barres but we don't want to spend the money. Hope you can help me here but can I make a do it yourself (DIY) ballet bar?
We don't have information on this type of DYI ballet bars. DIY PVC ballet bars are easy to glue together. However, the plastic ballet bars can be slippery to grasp. We recommend the traditional wood bars for ballet.

16.Can you mail us a free ballet dance poster of the ballet bar positions (Posiciones de ballet)? My daughter is 6 years old and she learns better with pictures than watching the ballet teacher and less my watching me.
Sorry we do not have such a product or resource. However, perhaps the Pittsburgh Ballet Resource Guide for Teachers by Lisa Auel will be helpful.

17. We are a barre training studio in Los Angeles. We purchased wall mounted units from CWF in the past. Our program is getting popular and need more bars but don't have the wall space. Do you have floor mounted ballet bars that are permanent / not free standing?
Indeed we do. We have stable floor mounted ballet bars that are appropriate for barre method training. Call us for details: 1-661-273-8700

18. We purchased a ballet bar a couple of months ago. We live in Fargo, ND Can you refer us to a ballet studio in Fargo?
Certainly, the Bonnie Haney School of Dance and Performance Company is in Fargo, ND, telephone number: 218-236-9900

19. We live in Knoxville, TN and don't like the gym atmosphere. The ballet barre method training for fitness is a great concept. Can you refer us to a ballet bar method training fitness program in Knoxville?
The Pure Barre™ has a ballet barre method studio in Knoxville Stay fit. That's what life is all about.

20. My partner and I are opening up a gym catering to the female species, of which, I am a proud member. We’ll include a ballet barre method exercise class. The question is, what do you recommend for the barre method training, the wall mounted or floor mounts ballet bars?
Both of these styles are recommended. If you have the floor space then we recommend the floor mount ballet bars. If you want to maximize your floor space then the wall mounted ballet bars would be a better option. However, if you purchase the floor mounted with a double ballet bar then this must be installed near the middle of the dance room. Whereas, the single floor mount units can be mounted near a wall.

21. My son, yes my son, loves ballet, especially the leaps. I can’t believe how high he leaps. Excuse the boasting. My question is: We want to purchase a tiny ballet bar for his bedroom, about 2 feet long. Can you help us?
The smallest ballet barre we produce is 4 feet long. The customer does have the option to cut off 6 inches off each side of the 4 foot ballet bar. If done, this will make the ballet bar 3 feet long. We hope this will meet your needs.

22. In our Los Angeles gym we have barre method training classes. Some gym members complain that the bars are slippery. What should we do?
Keep the bars wax-less and oil free. Perhaps a light sanding will remove some of the oils, hand lotions, etc. that have accumulated of the years. Then perhaps on a weekly basis use a fine steel wood to clean the wood bars.

23. I purchased a ballet bar from The Cartwheel Factory a couple of years ago and we use it on a regular basis. We live in Los Angeles, CA and now want to buy new ballet shoes. Can you help us?
Perhaps The Ballet Store at:

The Dance Store

2509 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034 can help you. They have a large selection of brands and styles of ballet shoes.

24. We saw your 16 foot ballet bars at in Lansing, NY at www.TheNextJennaration.com What's the smallest bar you sell?
The four foot ballet is the smallest with fixed brackets or adjustable ballet bar brackets.

25. Our local YMCA ballet classes are expanding. We would like to place a bar on a 12 ft. wall. Should we buy a 10 foot bar or two six foot bars?
Without a doubt, (2) 6 foot bars ship for free. Any ballet barre longer than 8 feet must ship via truck freight and will cost more than the bar itself. A 16 feet ballet bar shipping to New York will cost approximately $300 from California.

26. We have a photo shoot and need a ballet bars. We must stain the wood bar for design reason. Which would bar would stain the best?
We suggest the poplar wood bar because it’s the whitest. It would color-stain the best.

27. Not sure our ballet studio in Los Angeles, California should purchase the wall mounted or the portable ballet barre. Can you advise me, pls?
If you need to share the floor space with another genre of dance or activity then the portable ballet bars are recommended.

28.Due to the corona virus we are stuck at home. Can you recommend a cheap ballet bar for home use?
The 4' home use ballet bar with non-adjustable brackets is recommended, approximate cost is only $129

29. What do you recommend for my twins. Two 4ft. ballet bars or one 8ft. ballet bar?
We recommend two 4 foot long ballet bars, if possible installed on two opposite walls so they can watch and learn from each other.

30. We purchased a 4x6 plexiglass mirror for our home use dance room from you folks. The question is: Should we mount it directly on the wall or on a plywood first?
If your wall is smooth and straight you can mount it on the wall with glue or double sided tape. If your wall is warped then the image will be warped. If you mount it on a smooth particle board-with glue that is engineered to adhere to glass-then mount the partical board with fasterners.


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