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Sheets of Rubber Are More Economical Than Rubber Floor Tiles
CWF Flooring, Inc. can surpasse yours sport rubber flooring needs. The advantage of rolls -Vs- tiles are that the rubber sheets are easier to install, less expensive per sq ft and does not have to be glued to the floor. These sheets will not curl on ends when loose layed.
Can be used indoor or outdoors. All our rubber flooring products are Made in USA!
Home use rubber sport floors are produced in 4ft x 10 ft. sheets. Shipping is FREE!
For more information please call the sales dept. now: 1-661-273-8700

Ships in 3-7 days+

For your Commercial Rubber Flooringwww.cartwheelfactory.com/rubber-rolls.html

Rubber Flooring Sheets

Rolls of rubber can be cut up to 200 ft. long
Residential Rubber Flooring Sheets Are
4ft wide x 10 ft x 1/4" thick
Big Black Rolls
Black Rubber Flooring Are
The Less Expensive Than Colored

Buy Rubber Interlocking Tiles: www.cartwheelfactory.com/rubber-interlocking-tiles.html

4 ft x 10 ft. x 1/4" thick Rubber Floor Sheets

For Home Gym Floors

Home Gyms Floors, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Garages, Play Rooms, Entrance Way,
Rec Rooms, Offices, Industrial Area,
Trade Show Booths, Store Fronts, fitness rooms, etc.

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4ft x 10ft Rubber Floor Sheets Ships in 3-7 business days! SOLID BLACK, 10 % RED, 10% BLUE,
10% EGGSHELL OR 10% GREEN.50% OR 90% Multi-Color Combo
(see above Colors #194-198)
50% & 90% Color Rubber Swatches
(PDF file)

Made in USA!

Made in USA!

10% Blue Fleck
10% Blue Fleck / 90% Black
Rubber Floor Swatch
20% Blue Fleck
20% Blue Fleck / 80% Black
Rubber Floor Swatch
30% Blue Fleck
30% Blue Fleck / 70% Black
Rubber Floor Swatch

Rubber Sport Flooring

Made in USA!
Made in USA!
The preferred material for weight room floors, sport flooring is rubber. Rubber is extremely durable, portable-if not adhered to the floor- and cost effective.
As well, the density of our rubber flooring will affect the acoustics in a weight room, sport or gym environment.
Minimize the noise of dropping weight n dumbbells, protect floors from damage, wear n tear, in a floor format of tile or rolls.
Resilient, everlasting, flexible and attractive n smooth, rubber flooring will surpass your sport, warehouse, garage and home flooring or weight room flooring needs.

With our Designer Series well produce and mix three custom colors of 14 color options up to 90% color. Match your gray weight room equipment, your white walls and your green carpet with 20% gray fleck, 20% white, 20% green with 40% black with our Designer Series rubber sport flooring (see below)

Ships in 3-7 days+

20% White, 20% Green, 20% Gray Fleck

Designer Series

Above Rubber Swatch is 20% gray fleck, 20% white, 20% green with 40% black

What is The Designer Series? Simply, customer's design the color and the percentage of color desired. Tens of thousands of color fleck combinations can be designed for all your flooring needs, indoor or outdoor.
Quotes for the Designer Series can be requested at: www.cartwheelfactory.com/rubber-rolls.html

Ships in 3-7 days+

14 Colors Options For Rubber Flooring

Swatch: Black Tan Swatch:Gray Swatch:White
black tan gray white
Teal rubber flooring-Green rubber flooring-Yellow rubber flooring-Blue
teal green yellow blue
rubber flooring-Purple Red Orange rubber flooring-Raspberry
purple red orange lipstick
Raspberry Brown Rolls of Gold Mixed Colors
raspberry brown
gold regrind-confetti

Warranty For Rubber Flooring

CWF Flooring, Inc. recycled rubber flooring is guaranteed to be
free from manufacturing defects in material and/or workmanship.
If the recycled rubber flooring is found to be defective under normal conditions for a period of five years from the date of receipt (to original purchaser) CWF Flooring, Inc. will, at its own discretion, replace the defective material or issue credit not to exceed the selling price of the defective goods. This rubber flooring warranty does not cover installation costs or other related expenses.
Although CWF Flooring, Inc. rubber flooring is used successfully in ice-rink applications, this warranty expressly excludes premature wear caused by ice skates in heavy-use areas (penalty boxes, walkways to and from the ice, etc).
Due to the abusive nature of skate blades on any type of flooring, CWF Flooring, Inc. recommends the use of blade protectors when walking on our floor.
Made in USA!
Made in USA
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